Mötley Crüe - Primal Scream

Motley Crue Decade Of Decadence“Primal Screm” è la traccia numero 13 di “Decade of Decadence”, un album del gruppo “Mötley Crüe”. Pubblicato nel 1991, questa è una raccolta con tre inediti(tra cui proprio Primal Scream) per celebrare il decimo anniversario della nascita del gruppo. La formazione classica del gruppo è composta da: Vince Neil(voce), Mick Mars(chitarra), Nikki Sixx(basso) e Tommy Lee(batteria e tastiera).

Broke dick dog
My head slung low
Tail knocked in the dirt
Time and time of being told
Trash is all I’m worth
When I was just a young boy
Had to take a little grief
Now that I’m much older
Don’t put your shit on me

Grab it and shake
Reach down scrape it
You just got to

Primal scream & shout
Let that mother out
You just gotta say “hey”
Primal scream & shout
Oooh tear it out
You just gotta say
Janou said
Meters are red
Blow a neurotic fuse Show a little
A little pain
Unlock a lotta truth
When daddy was a young man
His home was living hell
Mama tried to be so perfect
Now her mind's a padded cell, ya

[Chorus with adlib]
Hey man, get out of my face
I deal with my problems at my own pace
With your screwed-down, anti-human views
Deal with the pressures by playing the blues
If you wanna live life on your own terms
You gotta be willing to crash and burn

[Chorus with adlib]
Scream shout
Come on come on come on
Scream shout

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