Soldiers of a Wrong War - Save Me

Soldiers of a Wrong War Lights & Karma“Save Me” è la traccia numero 7 di “Lights & Karma”, album d’esordio del gruppo Soldiers of a Wrong War. Uscito nel 2011, questo è uno dei singoli estratti dall’album. Nonostante cantino esclusivamente in inglese, il gruppo è formato da persone nate in Italia. Si sa, l’inglese è la “lingua” del rock.

Lay down
like supernovas we’re fading out
this darkness is blinding
the sky above can seem so close
it looks like everything has gone
did we get what we wanted?

Save me save me
now that these blinding
lights are fading out
we’re burning emotions
save me save me
there’s no way back from

what we’ve done before
we’re buring emotions

Breathe out
like fallen angels we’re climbing clouds
we don’t have to look down
the sky above it’s just too close
to make look everything undone
so let us get what we wanted

My eyes can’t believe that
you’re here to save me
to save my emotions