King Khan and the Shrines - Born to Die

King Khan and the Shrines Idle No More“Born to Die” è la traccia numero 1 di “Idle No More”, ottavo album del gruppo “King Khan and the Shrines”. Uscito nel 2013, questa canzone è il secondo singolo estratto dall’album. King Khan and the Shrines è il nome di un gruppo musicale rock e psychedelic soul tedesco, i cui esordi risalgono al 1999. La band viene chiamata anche “King Khan and (His) Sensational Shrines”. Il gruppo è formato da King Khan, Big Fred Roller, Till Timm, John Boy Adonis, Ron Streeter e Simon Wojan.

Lightning struck my head
Knocked me down into a sacred land
There the living dead
With the ashes of my own hand
Torn by angels’ claws
Mystics told and sold their dirty cross
Where can we go?
The only hope that’s left is in our home

Infants born to die
They shouldn’t doubt with a wave of their hands
Trust your bloody eyes
Don’t leave them there ‘cause you’re next in line
If they follow you
Just tell ‘em what was dead cannot be so
Leave your soul in bliss
If all else fails, just leave with a kiss